Panoramic Tour by Car

A panoramic tour by car of Rome is a great way to have a synthetic and meaningful idea of the city.

Spectacular architecture, green terraces overviewing roofs and domes, winding streets with unexpected artworks behind the corner, memories of a long long history everywhere: this is Rome!

Thanks to the drive we will be able to see all its major sites while re-enact the history, events and characters behind them.
 We’ll make several stops in the best places to enjoy the beauty of the sceneries and to have an in-depth look of the complex and fascinating urban planning of Rome, so that at the end of the tour the Eternal City will be more familiar to us.

In this tour we are going to see: the Coliseum from the outside (on request we can go inside), the Roman Forum, the Circus Maximus, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, Plaza Navona, the Victor Emmanuel’s monument, the S. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. Bring your camera!

The Downtown Walk

Downtown Rome has always something special to tell you: shops, palaces, ancient monuments, fountains. All the streets are like an open air museum and behind every corner there’s a surprise!

The walk in downtown is a proposal to experience the various atmosphere of the Eternal City, to capture the essence of its long history and to see what makes it one of the most theatrical city in the world.

We’ll enjoy the elegant design of Piazza del Popolo, the Fountain of the Rivers by Bernini in Plaza Navona, the Trevi Fountain where you are supposed to toss a coin to make your wishes true, the Spanish square with its glorious Steps and famous shops, the perfect geometry of the Pantheon.

Our pace will be slow and relaxing in order to do a promenade where the as-it-comes inspiration has its way, so that every footstep in this tour will be fun.

Coliseum, Ancient Rome

The Coliseum is the most iconic architecture of the pagan Rome: model for many current stadiums, it was built to entertain the people with cruel shows which were performed in the arena by gladiators and wild animals. This monument is one of the reasons to visit Rome and one of the most exciting tours you can do.

Also utterly interesting are the surroundings that we may explore soon after: the Palatine hill, the Capitoline hill, the Roman Forum, the Imperial Fora; a huge area which corresponds to the monumental center of the old city where you can see the Arch of Constantine, the Arch of Titus, the Basilica of Massenzio, the Circus Maximus and the remains of the Imperial Palaces, the Roman Senate, the Altar of Julius Caesar, the Marc Aurelius’ horse-riding statue, the Trajan’s column.

Whether we follow one path or another will depend on your interest: in any case the visual legacy of the key monuments spread in the area will always impress us and take us back to the times Rome was the capital of the largest empire ever known.

Ancient Rome by Car

We can explore the Ancient Rome doing a tour by air-conditioned car: such a mix of ancientness with contemporaneity sounds weird, but I am sure you will love it, particularly if you visit Rome on summertime!

Getting in and out of the car, with full facility and great saving of time, we can visit several famous ancient sites spread around the city a distance from one another that usually you don’t get to see in a regular walking tour.

In fact, besides the Coliseum and the Roman Forum, venues listed in every Ancient Rome walking tour, we could decide to see also the Capitol Hill, or the Circus Maximus, maybe the Pantheon, or the Roman Wall, the Appian way, the Aqueducts or the Thermal Baths, or any other monument you may like to include.
You have a very wide choice and we will build up the schedule together, either before the tour or on the spot as well.

This is a very comfortable tour: we want to avoid the stress and make the Ancient Rome pure pleasure of the eyes!

Classic Vatican

This is a fundamental tour focused on the most popular Vatican City’s attractions: the Sistine Chapel, the Michelangelo’s Pietà, the St. Peter’s Basilica, the St Peter’s square.
To go to the Sistine Chapel, to which a particular comment will be paid to outline its deep significance, we’ll walk through many corridors and rooms of the Vatican Museums that are fulfilled with sculptures, tapestries, painted walls, marble floors. We will be enchanted not only by the Sistine Chapel but also by the beauty and the history spread everywhere in the museums.
After the Sistine Chapel we will explore the basilica of St. Peter’s in the Vatican: the tomb of the saint, pillar of the Catholic Church, is under the main altar. The basilica is one of the most fascinating buildings ever, memorable for its stunning ornamentation, for the spectacular dome and for the famous Michelangelo’s Pietà, first masterpiece of the artist.
The tour will conclude in the celebrated porticoed square designed by Bernini and ornamented with 150 statues.

For the guest who wants to see more of the Vatican there are other options in “Your Vatican”.

Your Vatican

The Classic Vatican Tour can be customised upon one or more of the following options:

1) In order to avoid the big crowds do the Early Visit: it starts at 7:20 AM  with the entrance at 8:00 AM before they’ve opened up to the general public at 9:00 AM.
2) See the celebrated “School of Athens” in the rooms of the pope’s apartment painted by Raphael plus the famous masterpiece of the antiquity called “Laocoon”, a memorable sculptural group
3) See the small collection of Pope’s Carriages and Automobiles
4) Ascend the Michelangelo’s dome: there are 551 steps if you like hiking or 320 steps taking the elevator
5) Do an exclusive visit to the Vatican Mosaic Workshop to see where and how exquisite mosaic panels are created by the Vatican craftsmen
6) Explore Saint Angel Castle: although this monument is not in the Vatican but just 15 minutes away walking, I propose it because was a gigantic tomb of roman emperors turned into a papal fortress and from the top you have a memorable view of the Vatican City State and of Rome.

Foodie Fun

A long culinary tradition enriched by more recent influences makes food in Rome a stimulating, diverse experience. Here my proposals, don’t hesitate to ask for more details if you are interested to any of them:

A – Food Tour
A tour leaded by a food and wine expert in a walk through open markets, bakeries, pastry shops and cheese stores as well as butchers and coffee bars. You are going to taste lots of flavors and have lot of fun!

B – Cooking Class
Pasta, Pizza and Gelato Making classes: are held in restaurants or private homes, individually or in small groups. You will have the chance to create and eat tasty flavors and meet new food-loving friends.

C – Dinner with Locals
The most authentic meals are the ones prepared at home, using market-fresh ingredients and inherited family recipes. Join a welcoming local at her charming home for wine and a home-cooked feast with fellow guests, an do an experience that visitors to Rome rarely get to see.