Ancient Rome by Car
Ancient Rome by Car
  • Service Tour with driver plus tour guide
  • Duration Minimum 3 hours
  • Note Recommended if you want to see Ancient Rome with full facility

We can explore the Ancient Rome doing a tour by air-conditioned car: such a mix of ancientness with contemporaneity sounds weird, but I am sure you will love it, particularly if you visit Rome on summertime!

Getting in and out of the car, with full facility and great saving of time, we can visit several famous ancient sites spread around the city a distance from one another that usually you don’t get to see in a regular walking tour.

In fact, besides the Coliseum and the Roman Forum, venues listed in every Ancient Rome walking tour, we could decide to see also the Capitol Hill, or the Circus Maximus, maybe the Pantheon, or the Roman Wall, the Appian way, the Aqueducts or the Thermal Baths, or any other monument you may like to include.
You have a very wide choice and we will build up the schedule together, either before the tour or on the spot as well.

This is a very comfortable tour: we want to avoid the stress and make the Ancient Rome pure pleasure of the eyes!