Borghese Gallery

We’ll visit the Borghese Gallery, famous to be the world’s greatest private collection of baroque art, housed in an elegant small palace with grounds and gardens built in 1610 by the Cardinal Scipione Borghese, Pope’s Paul V nephew.
Although the Gallery houses famous paintings we will focus mostly on the sculptural masterpieces carved by Bernini, the celebrated portrait of Napoleon’s sister Paolina Borghese, the decor of the rooms and the personality of the Cardinal Scipione Borghese, mastermind of the collection.
After (or before) the visit to the Gallery we’ll take a walk through the splendid Borghese Park: its gardens as they are now were remade in the early nineteenth century and offer memorable views of fountains and statues perfectly integrated into the landscape.
This tour will take us back to the times when the aristocracy reigned showing openly splendor, wealth, power.

During the high season the Borghese Gallery gets easily sold out, so it’s necessary to book it 2/3 weeks ahead of time.

The Appian Way

We are going to explore the Appian Way, also known as “the queen of roman roads”, the most famous long distance road built by the Romans. At that time it was the main connection to Naples and to Greece and Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and after the end of the Roman Empire, in the Middle Ages, it was long used by pilgrims and crusaders en route to the Holy Land.

Source of inspiration for countless artists, we’ll re-enact the scenery of this fascinating road when along its sides private residences, working activities, tombs and cemeteries followed one upon the other; exploring the imposing ruins of spectacular monuments perfectly situated in a romantic setting we’ll immerse ourselves in a reality linked to times past: the burial monument of Cecilia Metella; the chariot-racing of the emperor Massenzio; the massive Wall to resist the barbarian invasions; the arches of the aqueducts…

We’ll gain a special experience, really off the beaten path.

Classic Vatican

This is a fundamental tour focused on the most popular Vatican City’s attractions: the Sistine Chapel, the Michelangelo’s Pietà, the St. Peter’s Basilica, the St Peter’s square.
To go to the Sistine Chapel, to which a particular comment will be paid to outline its deep significance, we’ll walk through many corridors and rooms of the Vatican Museums that are fulfilled with sculptures, tapestries, painted walls, marble floors. We will be enchanted not only by the Sistine Chapel but also by the beauty and the history spread everywhere in the museums.
After the Sistine Chapel we will explore the basilica of St. Peter’s in the Vatican: the tomb of the saint, pillar of the Catholic Church, is under the main altar. The basilica is one of the most fascinating buildings ever, memorable for its stunning ornamentation, for the spectacular dome and for the famous Michelangelo’s Pietà, first masterpiece of the artist.
The tour will conclude in the celebrated porticoed square designed by Bernini and ornamented with 150 statues.

For the guest who wants to see more of the Vatican there are other options in “Your Vatican”.

Vatican City

This fundamental tour is focused on the most popular Vatican City’s attractions: the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, the St. Peter’s Basilica, the St. Peter’s square.

The Vatican Museums are fulfilled with sculptures, tapestries, painted walls, marble floors, we’ll be enchanted by the beauty and the history spread everywhere. A particular comment will be paid to the Sistine Chapel, the highlight of the museums, in order to outline its deep significance.
If you are art lovers we can pay comment also to the celebrated “School of Athens” painted by Raphael and to the famous masterpiece of the antiquity called “Laocoon”, a memorable sculptural group.

After the Museums we will explore St. Peter’s Basilica: the tomb of the saint, pillar of the Catholic Church, is under the main altar. The Basilica is one of the most fascinating buildings ever, memorable for its stunning ornamentation, for the spectacular dome and for the famous Michelangelo’s Pietà, first masterpiece of the artist.
The tour will conclude in the celebrated porticoed square designed by Bernini and ornamented with 150 statues.


Foodie Fun

A long culinary tradition enriched by more recent influences makes food in Rome a stimulating, diverse experience. Here my proposals, don’t hesitate to ask for more details if you are interested to any of them:

A – Food Tour
A tour leaded by a food and wine expert in a walk through open markets, bakeries, pastry shops and cheese stores as well as butchers and coffee bars. You are going to taste lots of flavors and have lot of fun!

B – Cooking Class
Pasta, Pizza and Gelato Making classes: are held in restaurants or private homes, individually or in small groups. You will have the chance to create and eat tasty flavors and meet new food-loving friends.

C – Dinner with Locals
The most authentic meals are the ones prepared at home, using market-fresh ingredients and inherited family recipes. Join a welcoming local at her charming home for wine and a home-cooked feast with fellow guests, an do an experience that visitors to Rome rarely get to see.

City Wonders

Roman churches are like the rooms of a free museum, rooms filled with exquisite architecture, precious marbles, ornate chapels, and of course, amazing sculptures and works of art. It’s a pity that quite a number of them are neglected. In this tour I recall four least-visited masterpieces housed in four different churches that are definitely worth seeing.
The Michelangelo’s Moses, housed in the basilica of S. Peter in chains, carved by the artist for the tomb of pope Julius II; the Ecstasy of St Teresa, in the church of St Maria della Vittoria, considered to be a paradigm of baroque art due to the genius of Bernini; the Contarelli Chapel, in the church of S. Luigi of the French, where for the first time Caravaggio shocked the artistic circles of the city showing his new revolutionary style; the Tempietto, in the church of S. Peter in Montorio, the first perfect example of renaissance architecture in Rome.
An exciting tour for art lovers.

LTG 2016

Good afternoon, The Luxury Travel Guide are pleased to announce Itinerari Romani has been nominated as a potential winner in the 2016 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards.
Over the past 12 months we have been receiving votes for individuals & companies throughout Europe, with our subscribers, hotel guests, travel agencies and industry experts all voting on who they feel is most deserving. Celebrating & rewarding excellence in many areas, these awards recognise companies regardless of size or location across categories including:
Service Excellence, Local Knowledge, Online Visibility, Use of Technology, Marketing & Branding, Employee Satisfaction, Cultural Understanding, Diversity, Communication Skills, Disability Provisions

From Civitavecchia Port

Rome shore excursion departs directly from your cruise ship at Civitavecchia where your english speaking driver will meet you.
The itinerary can include any number of sites; of course if you are first time visitors I suggest you focus on the major highlights in Rome:

A – The Vatican to see the Sistine Chapel and the Saint Peter’s Basilica.

B – The Ancient Rome to see the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, the Pantheon

C – The Downtown Rome to see the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Plaza Navona, the Spanish Steps

These monuments can be scheduled separately or together, you can customize the schedule adding other sites.
If you like a break for a light lunch could be included as to do some shopping as well.
We’ll optimize our time because we have the car with driver and the tour will be definitely relaxing.

On the other hand, if you prefer to spend your day touring the peaceful countryside around Civitavecchia Port I suggest to tour one of the sites of the section “Rome Surroundings”: Cerveteri, Ancient Ostia, the Roman Castles, Tivoli, Orvieto.

Ask for more details if you are interested to book one of these excursions.

Santoyo Luis 2015

Dear Luisella & Giovanni, We are back home from our amazing trip to Venice, Florence, Rome, and Paris! Thank your for your referral of Giovanni Giammei! Our trip to Italy has been the biggest and greatest travel trill of our lives. Both of you were instrumental to capture the best in customer care, kindness, friendship, and service experience. We booked with Giovanni a super intense full/full day tour and an additional two half days tours during our visit to Rome. His friendly, kind, and caring attention to details toward us will never be forgotten. It was great working with him prior to the tour and then everything discussed and requested via emails was provided and exceeded all of our expectations. He was passionate, knowledgeable, professional, and a fantastic tour guide. We learned so much from him, but even more importantly to us – the feeling of being welcomed and being treated as a family friend member. We both have been dreaming for a very long time for the opportunity to visit Italy for a special occasion – and finally our wonderful dream became a perfect reality full of unforgettable memories, friends, and treasured moments! We are highly looking forward to seeing both of you during our next trip to Italy! Best Regards, Luis & Michelle Santoyo

Meschnick Ellen 2015


“We were so happy with Giovanni Giammei, a licensed tour guide in Rome. He picked us up promptly at our hotel and drove us to Tivoli to see Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este. He was courteous, caring and very knowledgeable. He breathed life into the ruins of Hadrian’s Villa – so that we could imagine being there in the early 2nd century A.D.! We loved learning about the architectural methods used in the massive project and about the personality of Hadrian. So too for Villa d’Este. Giovanni explained the motivation for Cardinal Ippolito d’Este to build the villa and the significance and inspiration for the many paintings, sculptures and fountains. At first overwhelmed by the grandeur, with Giovanni’s help we were able to understand the many parts that formed this monumental project. We look forward to seeing him on our next trip to Rome. He described his tour of the Etruscan necropolis and we knew we had to return to take it! Giovanni also provides day tours for passengers on cruise ships in Civitavecchia. So whether by land or sea, we highly recommend Giovanni!”

Donna Courtney

Good Evening Giovanni
I wanted to send these off to you before I forgot and how could I possibly forget that magical day? There is no way the seven of us could ever thank you enough for our amazing tour of Roma!  You were Herculean in your ability to show us so much of your history packed city in seven hours.You lead us from one breathtaking site to another. Who can say they “got stuck” in the Sistine Chapel for at least 45 minutes??[hide-this-part] Or when I rounded the corner and there was the Pantheon! I stood there in stunned silence(but only for a moment as I had to catch up)! Ha! Your understanding of Italy’s treasures and history brought the past to life for us and we are truly grateful. I can’t imagine that we missed a single sight! Thanks so much and Ciao! We really had a wonderful time! Smiles, Donna[/hide-this-part]

Rosemary Wolfe

Dear Giovanni,
Last May, you gave us a wonderful tour of the Vatican. Are you still doing tours? I have friends who may be interested in your panoramic tour plus a tour of the Vatican, specifically the Sistine Chapel. They will only be in Rome for one day in early March and will be traveling by train from Orvieto.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Photo of our group attached!

Tivoli Fountains

I’ll pick you up dockside and from Civitavecchia we’ll drive to the little hill side town of Tivoli, in the Rome’s surroundings.
Tivoli has an intact medieval core and two major sites: the ancient villa of the Emperor Hadrian and the renaissance Villa D’Este, a villa built by a cardinal who had great aspiration to become a pope.
We’ll start visiting the impressive ruins of Hadrian’s Villa, where natural beauty and architectural creativity blend together in a magic place. 
Then we’ll go ahead to the centre of the town to have a walk through the narrow streets and visit Villa D’Este where we enjoy the celebrated gardens ornamented with more than 200 fountains.
Stop of your choice for a restaurant, a slice of pizza, an ice cream or a drink.


If you like to spend just few hours touring a peaceful area not far from Civitavecchia harbor, here is a relaxing tour: we’ll go looking for the main features of the secret and rich Etruscans, a pre-Roman population of central Italy that was one of the roots of the civilization of Rome.

I’ll pick you up dockside and from Civitavecchia we’ll drive shortly to the little village of Cerveteri to explore a perfectly preserved necropolis with tombs based on the homes of the inhabitants and pay a visit to its little museum where we’ll appreciate the elevated economic and social status of this aristocratic society who really had a great influence on the formation of the ancient roman culture.

Lunch of your choice.


We are going to see Orvieto, one of the most striking, memorable, and enjoyable hill towns in central Italy.
The drive is smooth and interesting because of the various landscape sceneries: wide valleys, hill side towns, green countryside, woodlands and well-maintained fields. On the way we’ll stop off to see Civita di Bagnoregio: built atop a peak rising high above a vast canyon it looks unreal and really worth of seeing.
Soon after the hill town of Orvieto will show sitting majestically on a cliff of volcanic rock.
We’ll enjoy here visiting the fantastic cathedral that has a vivid façade and a must-see chapel inside, strolling around monumental buildings and medieval houses, narrow street and alleyways, discovering least visited masterpieces of art.
We’ll do window-shopping and enjoy a light lunch, of course tasting the local wine.

The visit of Orvieto could be easily included in your transfer by car between Rome and Florence.

Classical Statues

Roma has plenty of collections of classical statues. Each of these collections is worth of a dedicated visit, but if you are fond of sculpture and short of time this tour could be a very interesting option for you.

In this tour i propose to visit 3 of the most celebrated roman archaeological museums: the Capitolini Museums, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Centrale Montemartini.

While we are seeking for the masterpieces of the collections we’ll be taken in the particular atmosphere that each of these museums evokes because of its peculiar architecture. In the meantime the past of the classical civilization will be re-enacted by statues of gods, heroes, emperors, important figures and ordinary people.

We’ll explore one of the most significant heritage of the Ancient Rome!

Famous Paintings

Roma has plenty of aristocratic palaces that house prestigious collections of renaissance and baroque paintings.

Of course each of these picture collections is worth of a dedicated visit, but if you are fond of classic paintings and short of time this tour could be a very interesting option for you.

In this tour i propose to visit 3 of the most celebrated painting galleries: the Capitoline Picture Gallery, the Barberini Palace Gallery, the Doria-Pamphilj Gallery.

We’ll enter these monumental residences where once princes, cardinals and popes lived, re-enacting the history of the buildings and seeking for the most significant artworks of the collections.

Peggy Golden

“Giovanni was highly recommended to us for our trip to Rome as a tour guide and we enjoyed spending two days touring the city sights and Vatican with him. He was able to get us into the Vatican without the long wait and took us around so that we could make the most of our time. Our son especially enjoyed the one on one attention and learning about the Coliseum and more. It was a wonderful way to enjoy Rome and when we left for the cruise terminal he provided reliable transportation at same cost as taxi. Giovanni made learning fun for our son and enjoyable for all.”

Susan Cohen

Hello Giovanni, We just wanted to thank you again for being such a wonderful tour guide through Rome. We have your card and will make sure that any of our friends who visit Rome will call you to take them around. We enjoyed the rest of our stay in Italy …especially Tuscany. I drove those roads like a “pro” and enjoyed all the wonderful villages. We even found a Chestnut Festival. Our last stop, Venice, was a little more difficult for Walter to maneuver. I think the steps on all the bridges make walking less enjoyable for him. BUT, all in all, we fell in love with Italy!! Again, thank you and please know that our home in Pennsylvania is open to you and your family when you visit the US. Many thanks!!

Michael & Karen

I hope all is well with you. Life has been very busy since our return from Italy over 3 weeks ago, but I just wanted to say Thank You again for touring us around Rome. Your insights and knowledge about the city made the day truly memorable and definitely made us want to come back someday. We continue to show our friends and family many of the pictures from our day in Rome and the book you gave us has been a wonderful reference to all that we saw that day.
Thanks again for great day in The Eternal City. Let us know if you ever get to travel to Dallas, Texas. We would enjoy
showing you our city someday.
Michael & Karen


Hello Giovanni,
Jeanne and I were talking last night about the fabulous trip to Rome and Greece. We so much enjoyed our time with you, not only the sights and history lessons, but the talks, food, and general conversations. In the short time we spent with you, we consider you a true friend. We hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing you again, if Pope Leo XIII allows. 🙂
John & Jeanne Logtens

Kress hanson

Watching a delayed showing of today’s Tour de France and seeing the Italian is still doing well, congratulations!
All my friends agree you must be a saint to have put up with me for two days in Rome. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 months already. We had such a wonderful time. I will look through my pictures and send you a few for your web page. I hope you have been studying your Texas handbook we gave you! I am sure it helps you immensely . Thank you for the fabulous history lesson of Rome.
All the best,
Susan Wilson

Randy Perry

I just wanted to thank you for setting up our Tour, We had an out standing time. Everyone was very happy that we booked a guide, Simona, our guide did a wonderful job, the addition of the head sets was a great call on your part. Thank you.
Just as a suggestion to others when using the head set, I know they come with the green ear peace, but I used my own, and the clarity was much better. But overall having the use of the head sets was great, could not think of how hard it would be not having them.
Again thank you and Simona for taking such good care of us.
Randy Perry

Mary Mooney

Dear Giovanni,
Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful tour. My family and I enjoyed the extremely informative and inspirational tour you gave.
I looked up the question about the pope having a confessor. He has a confessor, usually a priest of his choice. Good question for your future tours. That way you will always remember us.
Ciao and God bless,
Mary Mooney

Rhona Wolfe Friedman

Thank you again for the wonderful tour today. Don and I both really enjoyed all of the sites and your wonderful and knowledgeable explanations of the city, the museums, art, history and culture!
We enjoyed the day so much that when the concierge asked about the tour, we gave him your name and to use us as a reference. I hope that is fine with you.
By the way, the White House has a total of 132 rooms. Of these, thirty-five are bathrooms; eleven are bedrooms; three kitchens; three dining rooms; one library; one bowling alley; and one movie theater. Twenty-eight rooms have fireplaces.

Bowman David

Buon Giorno Giovanni. Debbie and I wanted to thank you again for our time spent together in Roma. The tours you provided us were
fantastic and most educational. We will never forget them. Best wishes to you and hopefully our paths will cross another time. We will be
recommending you to ours friends traveling to Roma in the future.
Best regards y ciao,
David Bowman

Stanley Siegel

Dear Giovanni:
Thank you for your help during our stay in Rome. You were much more than a guide — you were a friend.
Getting us into the Coliseum and securing press passes for the Pope’s Easter Mass were some of the highlights of our trip to Rome.
I will send you a copy of the show when it is completed.
All the best,
Stanley Siegel

The Vatican

This is a fundamental tour focused on the most popular Vatican City’s attractions: the Sistine Chapel, to which a particular comment will be paid to be able to understand its deep significance, the Michelangelo’s Pietà, first masterpiece of the artist, the St. Peter’s Basilica, breathtaking for its stunning ornamentation.

Being the Sistine Chapel located inside the buildings of the Vatican Museums that once were the palaces of the popes, we’ll have a good opportunity to explore the rooms, the corridors and the courtyards ornamented by the popes over a five centuries time period: we’ll be enchanted and amazed by precious marbles, ancient statues, mosaics, tapestries, stuccoes, frescoes, before we enter the Sistine Chapel to enjoy the most famous painting cycle in the world.
Then we’ll walk inside the St. Peter’s Basilica, the tomb of St. Peter is under the main altar: here, besides the Michelangelo’s Pietà, we’ll see artworks of extraordinary beauty and many tombs of popes.

The tour will conclude in the celebrated marble porticoed square designed by Bernini and ornamented with 150 statues.

Ancient Rome 2: Once Upon a Time

In this tour we’ll visit 4 majors of the Ancient Rome: the famous archaeological area known as the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill where the city was first established and the Imperial Palace was built, the Colosseum where gladiator fights and wild beast hunts were performed, the Circus Maximus where the chariot racing used to take place.

Exploring the area we’ll go over the history of the Ancient Rome and the main periods of its unique development from its foundation as a small city-state to the times it was the capital of the largest empire ever known .
Some of the monuments we’ll see in this tour: the Colosseum, the Arch of Titus, the Arches of triumph of Constantine and Septimius Severus, the Basilica of Maxentius, the Curia of the Forum (Roman Senate), the Imperial Palace, the Romulus Huts, and maybe the house of Augustus and the House of the Vestals (these are open only on certain days).

How could the tour’s duration be extended?
Paying a quick visit to the Capitoline Museum (tickets) to supplement the ancient monuments with the original equestrian statue of Marc Aurelius (absolute masterpiece), together with some of the major Capitoline bronzes and with the ruins of the temple of the god Jupiter.
Also, always in order to enlarge the experience of the Ancient Rome, we may add the visit of the Pantheon (no ticket), one of the best-preserved of all Roman buildings.


The Eldred’s and Gilger’s have returned home safely from our travels. We had a wonderful, although fast paced, trip with a lot of special memories.
I just want to thank you very much for guiding us through the wonderful points of interest in Rome. We enjoyed our time with you and your knowledge and expertise added so much to the experience. Of all the amazing things we saw on our cruise, St Peter’s stands out to me above everything else.
It was so beautiful and provides so much evidence of our faith.
The four of us enjoyed way too much food and wine and will be dieting for weeks to recover. The two restaurants you suggested for our lunches were among the best food we had, thank you so much.
Hoping that our paths will cross again one day,
Carol Eldred

Masich Kevin

Dear Giovanni,
Kevin and I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know how much we enjoyed the time we spent with you in Rome.  We learned so MUCH!  You are an excellent teacher.  Tommy still talks about the Coliseum being his favorite part of the trip.  We are back home trying to get adjusted to this time zone.  Thanks again for making our time with you in Rome a memorable part of our trip.
Warm regards,      Kim, Kevin, and Tommy

Hearn Suzette

Thank you so much for the wonderful day. I could not have asked for a better guide. I liked the pace and speed at which we were able to cover so much of the rich history of the area. I enjoyed all the information and history of both stops. I look forward to coming back to Rome and spending another day with you. I hope my husband will join me. If you ever come to Philadelphia, please contact me. Thanks, Suzette

Tracie Le Sar

Dear Giovanni
We are all well…WE still talk about the trip and what wonderful memories we walked away with. It truly was a magical and amazing time for all four of us. The girls had the best time and thoroughly enjoyed the food, the people and the sites. We look forward to seeing you again when we come back…thank you again for making this such a wonderful trip and a memory we will have forever.
We also are so glad that we have made a friend in Roma and please know if you make it to the states, you have a friend in TN.


This is a tour for those guests  who consider the style of dress a real pleasure of our time and want to experience the shopping the way the Romans do.
Following your interest a professional shopper will take you in and out the appropriate shops, those ones where the Romans go to buy their high quality clothing, sometimes saving some money, sometimes finding a special item, always having fun.
High fashion, local designers, vintage collections, casual wear, special price shops, outlet markets, whatever is your preference you will get to know the great and charming world of the authentic roman shopping.

Rebecca Dameron

Thank you again for your amazing help during my time in Rome. Our trip through the Vatican remains a highlight of my trip and your tip regarding the Colosseum tour couldn’t have been better. Had I missed the underground and the view from the top, I would have been very saddened.
I am writing to see if you would mind if I shared your email with friends who will be traveling to Rome in April. They have expressed interest in hiring a guide and I can think of no one better. What do you think?
All the best, Rebecca Dameron

Renfroe Renee

“For this traveler, Rome was almost sensory overload. For 3 days I must have looked like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. From the moment I entered the Sistine Chapel it was impossible not to stand gawking in awe of the magnificence that surrounded me. But to experience it beyond just a feast for your eyes, you must do so with Giovanni Giammei, a guide who will bring to life every square inch of the wonder and magic that is the Sistine – and all of Rome.”

Goldman Carol & Steven

Hello Giovanni,
Remember us?! We apologize for the delay in writing to you. Our work here is sometimes demanding. (We are ready to run away to Rome again!) Steve and I feel so privileged to have experienced Rome with you. We thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. You provided more history, art and great background stories than we could have ever imagined.
Though our visit was very short, you managed to cover all of our wish list and more! You are truly the best at guiding visitors through Rome! We will cherish our memories!
When we return to see Venice and Florence, we know you will lead us in the right direction. We hope you will visit the US one day, when you do, please look us up!

Most fondly yours,

Carol and Steve Goldman

Carol and Steve Goldman

Eason Hal & Gayle

Our 11 day trip to Italy ended with 2 days in Rome, with Giovanni as our guide. This became the highlight of our entire trip. Giovanni possesses a unique combination of knowledge, passion, and personal connections which enable him to give the visitor to Rome an unparalleled experience.
Giovanni was able to obtain access for us to highlights most tourists don’t get to see. He got us around lines where we otherwise would have spent 2 hours waiting. We covered more in two days than we could have covered in a week on our own.
In addition, his diverse background as a trained architect, a sculptor, and an art history teacher bring a richness to his ability to give the story behind each building, sculpture, and painting we passed along the way. Whenever we stopped to ask about any particular structure or piece of art, he was able to elaborate in as much detail as we wanted – every time. He is a scholar whose passion for and commitment to lifelong learning comes through, whether the visitor has only two days in which to cover all the highlights, or a full week to spend in a concentrated area of focus. We will never forget the hour we spent in the Sistene Chapel, before the heavy crowds arrived for the day, with Giovanni explaining its richness to us from the high overview and down to every level of detail.
We highly recommend Giovanni for anyone looking for an experience in Rome that rises above the general tourist routine.

Stetler Lori & Buzz

I would like to highly recommend Giovanni to be your tour guide. We used his services on out trip to Rome in 2010. He was professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely use his services again on a return trip. He had our tours arranged ahead of time and tickets purchased in advance so we were able to accomplish alot in a short time period. He made our trip to Rome an adventure of a lifetime!

Scirocco Joe & Jill

For our 30th wedding anniversary in June 2011, we visited Rome for 6 days. Having heard about Gianni’s services through a business colleague, we gave him some rough ideas of what we wanted to do and see, and he made it all happen – Roma Antica, Roma Barocca, Il Vaticano, etc. Prior to our making final arrangements for the trip, Gianni reviewed our plans with us and made some suggestions that added tremendously to the experience. From the selection of a hotel which was strategically located yet within our budget, to the itinerary, which was comprehensive yet not overly ambitious he made this a very powerful experience for us. We saw what we considered to be the most important sites efficiently and pleasantly. We have used a number of guide services in other cities around Europe, and found Gianni’s access and scheduling to be unparalleled. With his deep background in architecture and history, Gianni gave us a level of understanding well-beyond that of an ordinary guide. On a personal level, he was punctual and very accomodating to our needs and desires. As an example, because I am an Italian language student while my wife speaks only English but appreciates the Italian language, he would conduct the tours and speak to us variously in both English and in Italian. He is absolutely fluent in both languages and translates his insights beautifully. Gianni was clear about his billings and more than fair in the rates he charged. We felt like we got a tremendous value from his services and, during the brief course of our 6 day tour, he became a friend that we will call upon again when we return to Rome or the surrounding area. If anyone cares to contact me personally about this, I (Joe) can be reached at Buon viaggio!

Paccagnini deborah robert

Here is a picture of Bob and I. The rest of our trip was fabulous – everything we saw was beautiful. It was definitely the best vacation we have had.
We had a wonderful day with you. When others we talked to mentioned the crowds in the Vatican museum we realized how lucky we were to be with you and all your knowledge. If we ever come back to Rome or anyone we know is visiting we will definitely contact you.
Thanks again.

Cramer Betsy

Our family has had incredible tours of Rome and environs led by Giovanni three times–once just my husband and me, once with a large extended family group, and once with both children and elderly parents with mobility issues. In all cases, Giovanni gave us the best service imaginable–in-depth knowledge of the history, culture, politics and art of ancient Rome, plus great restaurant advice (most fun was when he joined us for meals), comfortable van, all done with such calm and cheer. We have recommended his services countless times, and friends always come back and say that their time with Giovanni was the highlight of their trip. We now go out of way to go to Rome just so we can see Giovanni–he’s become like a member of the family! We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Scaring Maureen




Mary and Kyle Boschen

Aaah, Bella Roma! Last week was our first visit to Rome, and we only had one full day to see as much as possible of it. Fortunately, we had arranged to spend the day in the capable hands of Giovanni. He opened our eyes to the wonders of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, as well as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We learned so much from Giovanni and enjoyed every second of our time with him. Anyone visiting Rome should spend their time there with this most knowledgeable and easy-going, fun loving guide. You’ll be sorry when you have to part with him at the end of the day. He really enriched our trip to Rome more than we could have hoped! Thank you again Giovanni!

David Duff

We have had the extreme pleasure of hiring Giovanni 3 times on visits to Rome. In addition, we have referred friends, neighbors and other family members, including our daughter, to Giovanni. Without exception, everyone has been overjoyed with the enthusiasm, the knowledge, and the personality of Giovanni. It would be a foolish and tragic mistake, to ever visit Rome without the assistance of Giovanni.

Deborah Mandell and Roy Pulvers

We have known Gianni for over 30 years, and our parents knew him before that. We have used him as a guide many times and were always enriched by the experience. Our children are old enough to travel on their own and have also had Gianni guide them to some of the sites in Rome. He serves as a guide for our entire extended family. In fact he is like family. We catch up every year at Christmas. We have recommended him to many of our friends and everyone has had a positive experience. Besides being a knowledgeable guide, Gianni has picked us up at the airport, made sure we got on the right train to Florence, and performed a hundred other acts of kindness, always with good humor. We could not recommend him more highly.

Hansen Doug

Giovanni was referred to us by a knowledgeable friend that has enjoyed his services and personality for years. He was an amazing guide for our family trip to Rome: professorial when you want him to be, resourceful to meet your needs, talkative or quiet as appropriate, excellent company. Sharing meals with him was great. Saying goodbye was sad.


Our “Roman Holiday” was truly an amazing experience. Giovanni was such an informative and attentive guide. His expertise in ancient history, art, religion and culture was evident in every step of our journey. We traveled with our eleven year old and our eight year old and they so enjoyed the trip. Giovanni made our experience much more than a trip, it was a fantastic adventure tailored with many amenities.

Beth Shak



Thank you so much for your amazing tour of your beautiful city! It was a pleasure to learn about your city from such a knowledgeable and kind man. We only had one day and I feel we received a week’s worth of in-depth tours without the lines and hassle. It was real pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much!

Fr Gerald Weymes


I have had the opportunity over the past forty years to travel extensively throughout the world. The only two continents I have not visited are

Antartica and Australia. In my travels I have had many guides in the countries visited. No one of the twenty guides was as well informed of

their country and you are of your native city and country. Most of them were dry, uninteresting and boring. You,on the other hand,are full of

knowledge and your stories always bring life, humour and laughter into your presentations.I particularly remember your sweeping knowledge

of art and enjoyed thoroughly your depth of feeling when you talked about Michaelangelo Caravaggio.

I look forward to another opportunity to visit with you soon and to once more enjoy traveling with you throughout Italy. I am honoured to

recommend you to others as the best guide I have ever encountered in my travels.


Thomas Sherry Bartholomew

Rome would not be Rome without Giovanni !!! He offers a walking tour and a driving tour; we went for the driving tour.Giovanni’s. His knowledge and personall contacks sure came in handy. He took us places within the Vatican city others were not allowed. Plus, we visited all the major sites plus several the “group”didn’t get to.
His rates were very reasonable vs. ” stay together and keep up with paddle #6″. Simply put, if we were to visit Rome giovawe wold first contact Giovanni as to his availabillity.The city is well worth seeing and a personal guide is the way to go.
Thank you Giovanni, you were an intregal part of or vacation!!!!

Di Salvo Vincent

We first met Giovanni in 1989 on our first tour of Rome. We have been back more than a dozen times since then and Giovanni is now almost an extension of our family. He is all you will need if you are planning to visit Rome, Tuscany, Umbria and other areas. Giovanni is extremely knowledgeable, an expert in history and art, a professional tour guide and a true gentlman.

He has handled tours for many of our friends and families, always accommodating their wishes and needs. He uses a very roomy Mercedez van for his tours. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.

In short, a visit to Italy will not be the same without Giovanni as your guide.

Frank Elaine & Keenan

We have had the pleasure of engaging Giovanni as our tour guide on two separate trips to Rome. The first was in the summer of 2006. We had our son, age 22, and two daughters, ages 18 and 17, with us. Giovanni arranged for our transportation from the airport and took us on two full, wonderful days around Roma! Giovanni’s background is history and art history, and he was amazing at being able to communicate to us his in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the finer points of history and art in so many places. We went to many, many places, including the Forum, the Circus Maximus, the Palladium, the Coliseum, the Vatican, including St. Peter’s Cathedral, and the incomparable Sistine Chapel! We went to places outside of Roma as well to see gardens and historic ruins. But with Giovanni, we did not just “see” places. Giovanni possesses so much more in depth knowledge, as he points out (and tells stories about) fascinating poitns in tapestries, paintings, sculptures and art work throughout Roma! Our children were equally fascinated, as Giovanni has a gift for communicating in the language of his audience to keep everyone interested! We returned to Roma in the summer of 2010 to help move our daughter there for a summer of studying abroad (in large part because of her fascination with Roma after the rich touring with Giovanni). Giovanni arranged for tickets to some special art displays at local museums, took us back to the Vatican and attendant sights, found new places for us to explore, and also helped us move in our daughter and showed her how to get around, as well as safety tips and what she needed to know to live in Roma. Giovanni was immensely helpful to us on multiple levels. On top of that, long after we departed, he checked in on our daughter several times to ensure she was doing well in Roma, and even took her to lunch and for gelato. We very much appreciated his extra attention to watch over our child in a foreign country. As Giovanni said to us, he is a father, too. We recommend Giovanni without hesitation! He really enriched our experiences and helped us appreciate Roma as it developed through the ages. We felt that we lived during Michelangelo’s time, during the Emporers’ battles, through the centuries of art, and through all the political and religious struggles. Giovanni was also wonderful with recommendations for restaurants and other activities. The next time we return, we will surely be contacting Giovanni to ensure our trip is perfect, once again. He knows and loves Roma, and wants us to see it through his eyes. He succeeded.

Rosenblum Judith

It is my pleasure to tell you about our family’s trip to Rome in December of 2011. Giovanni was recommended to me by another guide. I contacted him and he responded graciously and immediately asking about my interests and the interests of my husband and my two children who are in their twenties. We corresponded over several months as he planned a customized itinerary that included ancient Rome, the Vatican, small towns in Tuscany, the Jewish catacombs and flea markets.He was attentive to all our requests and questions and concerned about timing and how to make our trip most enjoyable.
When we arrived in Rome, we took a day to rest and began early the next morning. Giovanni arrived right on time—with a smile. We spent the day touring ancient Rome and he was invaluable. We always knew what we were seeing, it’s importance and it’s story. We waited in NO lines. The next day was the Vatican—again NO lines and a very special tour of the Sistine Chapel.
By this time Giovanni felt like family and we had a great time listening to his incredible knowledge and then laughing and joking as we made our through the crowds.

The rest of the time in Rome with Giovanni was equally enjoyable. He drove us to three towns in Tuscany. We ate in great little resturants we would have never found and saw incredible cathedrals that we would have never known to find. He took us to the Jewish catacombs that were on private land and arranged for them to be opened so that we could tour by flashlight. And he took us to the largest flea market in Rome where he helped me translate a letter to a nun in the 1800’s that we found in an antique folio and negotiate for antique jewelry.

When our five day in Rome came to an end, we felt like we really knew the city. And we felt like we were leaving a friend.

If your are going to Rome, see it with Giovanni. It will be the most worthwhile investment you will make in your trip.

Medieval Cities

I’ll pick you up dockside and from Civitavecchia we’ll drive to Orvieto, crossing a green countryside characterized with well-maintained fields, farms, cypress-lined driveways. On the way, we’ll stop off to see Civita di Bagnoregio: built atop a peak rising high above a vast canyon ruled by wind and erosion it looks unreal and really worth of seeing.

Soon after the hill town of Orvieto will show sitting majestically on a cliff of volcanic rock.

We’ll spend the day here visiting the fantastic cathedral, with a vivid façade and a must-see chapel inside, and strolling around monumental buildings, medieval houses and alleyways.

We’ll do window-shopping and enjoy a light lunch of your choice, of course tasting the local wine


Here you find 3 proposals to see the major landmarks of the city:


I’ll pick you up dockside and from Civitavecchia we’ll drive to Rome where I’ll be with you visiting the Sistine Chapel and the Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Then we’ll spend time driving around the usual sites such as the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps, etc.

A break for a light lunch will be up to you, as to do some shopping as well.
I’ll pick you up dockside and from Civitavecchia we’ll drive to Rome where I’ll be with you visiting the Sistine Chapel and the Saint Peter’s Basilica.

After a break for a light lunch of your choice we’ll explore the Coliseum.

If time allows we’ll fit more sites in our tour.

I’ll pick you up dockside and from Civitavecchia we’ll drive to Rome where I’ll be with you exploring the Roman Forum and the Coliseum.

The rest of the day will be dedicated to the highlights of the city centre such as the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps etc.

A break for a light lunch will be up to you, as to do some shopping as well.

Villa Farnesina

Let’s visit Villa Farnesina, one of the noblest and most harmonious building of the Renaissance. Famous for its frescoes, it was the residence of the rich banker Agostino Chigi, great patron of art of his time and great client of Raphael, who painted here the marvellous “Galatea”.
Extending the tour, it would be also interesting to visit the Chigi Chapel, another Raphael’s work, where Agostino Chigi was buried.

Magnificence of Baroque Art

The Baroque style was created in Rome in the 1600s thanks most of all to the genius of Bernini and Borromini and along two centuries was adopted in all Europe by popes, cardinals, sovereigns and aristocratic families to theatrically represent their superior status.
We’ll move by car in order to see many masterpieces and to understand this style under many different aspects.
Certainly in this itinerary we’ll see Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain because just these 3 squares made Rome the most spectacular city in the world, but most of all we’ll visit various churches  discovering architectures, sculptures and paintings made by Bernini and by other artists that will surprise us because of their  fantastic dimension and will show us the revolution the Baroque art represented in the history of art.
It’s a fun tour and a real pleasure for the eyes.