Foodie Fun
Foodie Fun
  • Service Walking tour
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Note Suitable for children too

A long culinary tradition enriched by more recent influences makes food in Rome a stimulating, diverse experience. Here my proposals, don’t hesitate to ask for more details if you are interested to any of them:

A – Food Tour
A tour leaded by a food and wine expert in a walk through open markets, bakeries, pastry shops and cheese stores as well as butchers and coffee bars. You are going to taste lots of flavors and have lot of fun!

B – Cooking Class
Pasta, Pizza and Gelato Making classes: are held in restaurants or private homes, individually or in small groups. You will have the chance to create and eat tasty flavors and meet new food-loving friends.

C – Dinner with Locals
The most authentic meals are the ones prepared at home, using market-fresh ingredients and inherited family recipes. Join a welcoming local at her charming home for wine and a home-cooked feast with fellow guests, an do an experience that visitors to Rome rarely get to see.