Rome after 1870
Rome after 1870
  • Service Tour guide plus car with driver or taxi
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Note Recommended to Know more about the recent history of Rome

Rome begun to be modernized after 1870, when it became the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy.
At that moment, when the pope stopped to be the king of Rome, the Eternal City started to be ruled by the Savoia family till the end of WWII.
To understand where new streets and new monuments were built to show the new roman leadership and how Rome changed its look of old city into a modern one, moving by car we will go looking for those buildings that still today rise above the others because of their location, dimensions, design.
We explore particularly two monuments: the Vittoriano, key monument of the monarchic ideology dedicated to the King Victory Emmanuel, and the EUR district, designed in order to celebrate the greatness of Rome and of the dictator Mussolini.
Although the itinerary will focus strongly on architecture and sculpture, we will use this as a lens to discuss the concepts of Italian contemporary history (1870-1945).