The Roman Castles
The Roman Castles
  • Service Tour by car with driver/guide
  • Duration 5 hours
  • Note On Mondays the schedule is partly different

Let’s drive south-east of Rome to explore the area called Roman Castles: it’s a green volcanic complex with two lakes where since the days of Ancient Rome well-to-do Romans have had summer homes. Emperors first, then popes, cardinals, princes.
The volcano ahead, the arches of the aqueducts to the side, in 30 minutes we’ll see the lake, a few small villages spread around, renaissance villas, gardens, vineyards. Among the many sites my favorite are Castel Gandolfo and Ariccia.
Castel Gandolfo, summer resort town of the popes is a must-see; I definitely suggest to visit the papal residence recently opened by Pope Frances. The city of Ariccia, with the superb architecture by Bernini is outstanding as well: the ducal palace created for the Chigi Family in 1600s still has the original furnishings!
The area is definitely famous for its traditional cuisine and local wine, so that a lunch of your choice or a wine tasting can be easily included.