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Good afternoon, The Luxury Travel Guide are pleased to announce Itinerari Romani has been nominated as a potential winner in the 2016 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards.
Over the past 12 months we have been receiving votes for individuals & companies throughout Europe, with our subscribers, hotel guests, travel agencies and industry experts all voting on who they feel is most deserving. Celebrating & rewarding excellence in many areas, these awards recognise companies regardless of size or location across categories including:
Service Excellence, Local Knowledge, Online Visibility, Use of Technology, Marketing & Branding, Employee Satisfaction, Cultural Understanding, Diversity, Communication Skills, Disability Provisions

January 2016 , Max Bond, LuxuryTravelGuide Awards Director

Giovanni, As a remembrance comes to mind, we like to reach out and thank the person who was instrumental in putting it there. Wishing a happy holiday season and a fantastic new year to our favorite guide and friend. John and Jeanne Logtens

December 2015 , John & Jeanne Logtens

Dear Luisella & Giovanni, We are back home from our amazing trip to Venice, Florence, Rome, and Paris! Thank your for your referral of Giovanni Giammei! Our trip to Italy has been the biggest and greatest travel trill of our lives. Both of you were instrumental to capture the best in customer care, kindness, friendship, and service experience. We booked with Giovanni a super intense full/full day tour and an additional two half days tours during our visit to Rome. His friendly, kind, and caring attention to details toward us will never be forgotten. It was great working with him prior to the tour and then everything discussed and requested via emails was provided and exceeded all of our expectations. He was passionate, knowledgeable, professional, and a fantastic tour guide. We learned so much from him, but even more importantly to us – the feeling of being welcomed and being treated as a family friend member. We both have been dreaming for a very long time for the opportunity to visit Italy for a special occasion – and finally our wonderful dream became a perfect reality full of unforgettable memories, friends, and treasured moments! We are highly looking forward to seeing both of you during our next trip to Italy! Best Regards, Luis & Michelle Santoyo

November 2015 , Luis & Michelle Santoyo,

Thanks Giovanni for arranging Anna Maria to take us to see the Pope! She is lovely. We couldn’t believe how close the Pope was to us because of the seating and an adorable little girl! We will never forget this! Hope you enjoyed your holiday as well! Diane

August 2015 , Diane Beane, USA


“We were so happy with Giovanni Giammei, a licensed tour guide in Rome. He picked us up promptly at our hotel and drove us to Tivoli to see Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este. He was courteous, caring and very knowledgeable. He breathed life into the ruins of Hadrian’s Villa – so that we could imagine being there in the early 2nd century A.D.! We loved learning about the architectural methods used in the massive project and about the personality of Hadrian. So too for Villa d’Este. Giovanni explained the motivation for Cardinal Ippolito d’Este to build the villa and the significance and inspiration for the many paintings, sculptures and fountains. At first overwhelmed by the grandeur, with Giovanni’s help we were able to understand the many parts that formed this monumental project. We look forward to seeing him on our next trip to Rome. He described his tour of the Etruscan necropolis and we knew we had to return to take it! Giovanni also provides day tours for passengers on cruise ships in Civitavecchia. So whether by land or sea, we highly recommend Giovanni!”

July 2015 , Ellen and Paul, Atlanta, USA

Giovanni, I was asked about my tour guide in Rome via Trip Advisor. Of course I will highly recommend you! Do you mind if I give out your name and email address on Trip Advisor? And thank you so much for our tours. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and learned so much! -Stewart Kiner

July 2015 , Stewart Kiner, USA

Hello Giovanni, I want to thank you for arranging all our car transfers which were perfect in every way and also for taking me sightseeing at the Villa Farnesina to see the Raphael frescos which were absolutely beautiful. I am very pleased to have met you and I look forward to working with you in the future. GRAZIE, Marianna

July 2015 , Marianna Monaco, Master Travel Planner

Hi Giovanni – thanks so much for this afternoon’s tour – loved it – let me know when and how I can assist you in setting up a trip to Israel – I believe that you will love it
All best Steve

July 2015 , Stephen, Toronto, ON

We had a WONDERFUL tour with you Giovanni!! Grazie for showing us your beautiful city!!! When we return, we will hire you again. Until then we tell our friends who come! I sent the selfies! With gratitude!!! Vikki ( and Jordan)

June 2015 , Vikki Spencer, USA

Good Evening Giovanni
I wanted to send these off to you before I forgot and how could I possibly forget that magical day? There is no way the seven of us could ever thank you enough for our amazing tour of Roma!  You were Herculean in your ability to show us so much of your history packed city in seven hours.You lead us from one breathtaking site to another. Who can say they “got stuck” in the Sistine Chapel for at least 45 minutes??[hide-this-part] Or when I rounded the corner and there was the Pantheon! I stood there in stunned silence(but only for a moment as I had to catch up)! Ha! Your understanding of Italy’s treasures and history brought the past to life for us and we are truly grateful. I can’t imagine that we missed a single sight! Thanks so much and Ciao! We really had a wonderful time! Smiles, Donna[/hide-this-part]

March 2015 , Donna Courtney, USA